The intelligent way of interacting with customers

A.I. Driven Interaction Platform.

Bots are great! But where do they fit in your organization? Bots are not here to replace humans, there are here to help humans. And become valuable colleagues. There needs to be an environment where humans and bots can work together.

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The best way to run A.I. in your business

The complete toolkit for online businesses.


Engage with customers. brings all your customer interactions into one place. Communicate across all messaging platforms and keep a consistent customer experience.

Easily integrate A.I. into your workflow.

Your company, your workflow.

Tagging, assignment and a powerful rule based engine. Anything a team needs to make sure every customer feels like a king.

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It's all about the customer experience.

Maximize customer experience.

Take customer interactions to the next level and easily use A.I. that enhances your customers experience. Seamless conversation. Customer to A.I. with Human supervision.

Our MVP features


  • Manage your AI and NLP
  • Live chat with rich UI components
  • Cloud functions
  • Integrate with services
  • Manage channels

A glimpse of our 2017 roadmap

2017 Roadmap.

  • Tagging - Manual and by AI
  • Smart suggestions & Self-learning AI
  • Analytics and reports
  • Bot Designer

See what's going on.

Powerful insights.

We measure customer sentiment and bot performance for every interaction. Gain deep insights in your workflow and analyse customer satisfaction..

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Highly scalable. For every solution.

Developer love and Global Scale.

It’s important to keep all options open. That is why we have a number of integrations, SDK's and API’s available developers will love to use. The foundation of our platform is build to support trillions of messages.