Amazon Alexa.

Connect Flow.ai with Amazon Alexa and build awesome skills

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Lead the Industry

Innovate and be one of the first to launch your own Alexa Skill

Reach Smart Homes

Be there where the Smart Home is and connect with Amazon Echo, Dot and more.

Voice for Business

Your brand is unique, spread that with your own voice

Why use Amazon Alexa with Flow.ai?.

Create voice skills for Amazon Alexa

Natural conversations.

Language in its most natural form. Reach your audience by using the voice of your business.

Custom Voice.

Create your own voice and align your voice with your organization.

Integrate with external services.

Connect with external services and create integrated solutions that are valuable for your customers.

How to create your Amazon Alexa Skill.

Creating an Alexa Skill is done in 3 simple steps:
Design your Voice first experience
Configure your experience
Done, now test it on your Alexa device

Get Started.

About Amazon Alexa

How to create an Alexa Skill

To create the best Alexa Skills for several devices like the Amazon Echo and Eco Dot, you can use the drag & drop interface of Flow.ai. When Your design is finished you can easily launch your voice experience and reach Alexa smart homes.

Voice assistant for business

A voice assistant will be used regularly when it has value for your customers or end-users. Voice Assistants can create excellent customer experiences and generate leads. Especially when you integrate you skill with back-end service like your product database or CRM system.