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Answer simple questions

Chatbot Answer Simple Question

An AI Chatbot is able to answer simple questions after training. By giving your bot examples it will learn the concept of each of these questions and variances of phrases. In this way, your visitors don’t have to search through the entire website.

That bot that can answer simple questions sounds great but how do I get there? Besides having a clear interface or Web Widget for your users you should think about incorporating the following 3 options.

Provide quick answers

Simple questions can sometimes be answered with simple answers. Think about questions like “What is your phone number?”. You could send a link to your contact page but a better solution would be to show your phone number directly with a call button. Clicking the button will directly start a phone call to the number you provided.

Additionally, you can provide your phone number in a more human way, for example, “Hi, you can reach us between 8 am and 20 pm at +1-541-754-3010. We’re happy to help you out”.

Link to existing information

When a simple answer is not enough it helps to share a link in addition to your answer. Especially for more technical questions, you want to point your users in the right direction. Think about a question like “How can I integrate as a web widget on my WordPress website?”. In this case, it makes much more sense to provide an answer that indicates that integrating with WordPress is possible and that you can do that by using a plugin, followed by a link to a webpage, YouTube video or blog post that explains how they do this. There’s no point in duplicating information.

Offer to hand over to live chat

While you can automate simple questions, there also exist questions that require a human agent. That’s usually the case when changes to contact details need to be changed. In those cases, you might want to use the Handoff feature. It allows you to hand over that conversation to a member of your sales or support team. If a question comes in that is more complicated, your bot can’t provide an answer or needs to be handled by a human, then the Handoff feature can provide a seamless experience.

Are you looking or a way to handoff to your own customer service tool? Have a look at our existing integrations at our Integration page. Chatbot Answer Simple Question
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