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Gather information with a chatbot

Chatbots allow you to gather information by asking questions in a conversational and human-like way. If you’re using a static web form you might want to consider a conversational solution to improve your customer experience.

A conversational interface allows you to ask questions, answer questions, validate answers and follow up with the right flow. That is how it differs from regular forms. You’re probably familiar with websites that include a form where all the questions are presented at once, where you couldn’t ask questions about its content and where not all of the questions are relevant for you. That’s not really an optimal customer experience.

To make sure your conversational experience will have optimal customer experience, we’ve set out 3 best practices for gathering information. Best Practices gathering info

Ask questions that matter

When using a chatbot to ask questions you can easily alter the follow-up question based on the answer that is provided by the user. You can use that to skip questions that are irrelevant to ask. For example, if your chatbot assists a restaurant by making reservations and taking the menu, if a customer mentions that she is vegetarian and if you have vegetarian dishes, then it doesn’t make sense to show her the complete menu.

Provide multiple-choice answers

Working with open-question is very natural way of having a conversation but sometimes it is easier and faster to work with clickable items such as quick-replies, buttons or multiple-choice answers. If we look at our menu ordering chatbot it would be super easy to show a Multiple Select Webview where the customer can select whatever they want and simply hit the order button.

Continue the conversation later

A big difference between a static form and a chatbot is that the conversation with a chatbot can be continued later. This asynchronous workflow allows your customers to respond whenever it suits them on the channel that they prefer. They could even start the conversation on their laptop and continue the conversation on their smartphone on the next day.

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