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How to deflect calls for customer service in 3 steps

The Coronavirus causes many employees and customer service agents to work from home. With fewer agents available to answer calls it might be wise to deflect calls to asynchronous messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger or chat that can easily be accessed from home.

Deflect calls to WhatsApp, Messenger and Chat

1. Setting up call deflection and IVR

The first step of deflecting calls to messaging is to make your customers aware of the possibility and the benefits. Messaging allows your agents to reply accurately, fast and your customer van continue with his or her work while not being in a queue.

The example below shows you how to deflect incoming calls to messaging. Text to speech and speech to text is al part of the process.

Call deflection and IVR for chatbot

2. Automate messaging

An important part of messaging, for Customer Service, is automation and finds its value in 2 components. The first one is to completely automate simple questions and answers. Think about questions like “I’ve received my order but the product was broken. What to do?”. These types of FAQ’s can easily be automated. That saves time and your agents can focus on more complex questions.

...when a customer is calling from a mobile number, you can send a WhatsApp message directly to that number...

The second component that makes automation valuable for customer service is when the question is a bit more complex an a handoff is required. In this scenario, the bot can nog answer the question but it can extract all the information that is required for the agent, such as order number, name, and email so that your agent is able to reply fast and accurately.

3. Handoff to agent

Now, only more complex cases will be handed off that includes all the information that the agent needs. Within’s chat app or other Customer Service Integrations, agents can follow up from wherever they are. That can be from home, from the office, or while on travel. The conversation is now between the customer and an agent.

Is the ticket closed? Simply hand the conversation back to the bot for the Feedback Flow.

customer service messaging
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