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3 tips how to provide customer service during the Corona outbreak

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus is disrupting society. Uncertain times like these raise many questions. More and more customers are contacting companies and institutions from home to get their questions answered. But due to all kinds of measures, there are no employees in the office to answer those questions. What now?

make your customer service corona proof

1. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage for customer service

Customer service employees often work with special systems, so working from home is not an option. The solution for this is asynchronous messaging (chat). Easy for customers, and easy to pick up for employees from home. This way the work can easily continue, whilst the overall customer experience grows as well. By adapting to the messaging channels the customers prefer, companies can show their desire to be truly involved with their customers.

2. Chatbot automation

Because employees are forced to work from home, but also because they themselves can become ill, the capacity of customer service decreases. How can we continue to answer as many questions as possible? The answer is automation. After using chat, the next logical step is to automate the chat, using chatbots.

Think of automatic routing based on the subject of the question, an automated intake to gather essential information or the fully automatic answering of frequently asked questions. If the chatbot starts attracting more traffic, more sophisticated flows can be developed to completely automate certain processes.

3. Deflect phone calls to messaging

But what to do with all the people who call customer service? Simple: forward them to WhatsApp! From there you can easily help them further. You can even make a selection of topics that can only be picked up by phone and topics that can be handled via chat through the IVR system.

How to get started?

With you can set up the complete package, from call deflection to customer service via WhatsApp, with all the automation involved including handoff to live chat. Do you want to know more? Get in touch! But most important of all: stay safe!

make your customer service corona proof
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