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Digital opportunities for companies during the COVID-19 (Corona) crisis

The consequences of the COVID-19 virus have affected many companies from all kinds of sectors. For example, countless companies may no longer be open and many employees are at home. In order to limit the damage, it is important to think not only in problems but also in solutions during these times.

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A time of difficulties often also creates opportunities. By making the best possible use of all the digital possibilities of today and coming up with creative solutions, a lot of different aspects of various kinds of companies can be improved very effectively. Consider the following examples:

The examples of opportunities mentioned during the current pandemic are often only applicable to a certain type of company, but there are also solutions that can offer a great deal of added value for almost all sectors. One of these opportunities is the use of chatbots. A chatbot can automatically answer all kinds of incoming questions about the Corona virus at companies. In this way, companies can keep their customers well informed and deploy employees for work that really matters.

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The example of online orders or the distribution of content such as online group lessons can be worked out in a chatbot. This can be done through all kinds of channels such as the website, Facebook or even WhatsApp. This allows companies to improve the customer experience, especially at a time when people need it just a little bit more.

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