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Setting up a Handoff workflow with Front

When you start out small, viewing all conversations with your bot is fine. But when the number of messages grow, you want to filter and view only interactions that need the attention of a human agent.

Using Front rules you can configure this by moving handoff conversations into a separate Team inbox.

Move conversations to Handoff Inbox

Using a team inbox, and Front rule, you can easily filter out any automated messages

  1. Go to the Front settings and add a new Empty Team inbox within the company Inboxes screen. Give the new Inbox a name: Handoff
  2. Open the Company Rules screen and add a new Team Rule
  3. Give the Rule the name Move to Handoff
  4. Select the Inbound message for the When setting
  5. Add the rules below:
    • If Inbox is Chatbot (or by default) and Has Tag handoff
    • Then Move to Inbox Handoff
  6. Make sure to add the new Handoff inbox to any existing rules. For example the webhook rule you configure during installation.
front moving rules

Hiding bot conversations

When you have a lot of automated conversations, you only want to focus on the ones that need assistance from a human agent.

  1. Open the main Front window
  2. Click on the Workspace options icon just above Team Inboxes in the left sidebar
  3. Choose Inboxes and unpin the Inbox
front inbox filter

Setting up notifications

By default you will receive a notification whenever a new message is being received or sent by your bot. If you have a lot of conversations, you do not want to receive those.

Fortunately Front provides advanced notification rules that tweak this behavior.

  1. Go to the Front settings and select Notifications

  2. Within the Basic view turn all notifications off

front notifications
  1. Within the Advanced view, add a new rule that sends you notifications for a specific inbox
front specific inbox

This article gives you some pointers into setting up and configuring Front for handoff. Using advanced rules Front allows tou to further automate assignment.

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