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A chatbot on WhatsApp, how does this work?

With 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the market leader in messaging. In particular in Western Europe and South America, WhatsApp is immensely popular and more than 50% of the users use the app several times a day.

A chatbot on WhatsApp, what does that look like?

WhatsApp owes this enormous popularity mainly because it makes it possible to send free messages between Android and Apple phones. WhatsApp has become indispensable for a lot of people in maintaining social contacts due to the simplicity and user-friendliness of the app.

With the arrival of the WhatsApp Business API in 2019, it is possible for organizations to maintain customer contact via WhatsApp. This means that companies can now be even more accessible to their customers. Certainly, for competitive sectors such as retail, this is an important differentiator in the field of service and customer experience.

However, customers require a company to be available 24/7 and this can quickly increase the pressure on customer service. For that reason, it is smart to link a chatbot to your WhatsApp.

What does a chatbot look like on WhatsApp?

A chatbot on WhatsApp basically looks the same as a chatbot on any other messaging channel. A user can send a text message to a company via the number used for WhatsApp Business. When this happens, a chatbot will initially pick up the message and try to find out what the message is about and answer it.

If the chatbot fails, it will, after asking a number of questions, for example, transfer the conversation to a human colleague.

In addition to a customer contacting the organization himself, it is also possible for a company to start a conversation if an opt-in has previously been given. These are also known as WhatsApp messaging templates.

Official access to the WhatsApp API

The user is central to WhatsApp. This is reflected not only by the app but also in the policies that WhatsApp has. Ads are not (yet) allowed and a strict verification process is in place to validate companies.

The moment you want a live link as a company, you will have to go through this process. In addition to having to request a WhatsApp number, a company must also be verified by Facebook Business.

This sounds like a tricky process, and it is. Fortunately, all of this is not necessary in order to test with a WhatsApp chatbot. By creating a free account at you can simply test a WhatsApp chatbot in a few steps.

And as soon as you actually want to go live with WhatsApp via, the verification will be arranged for you.

Want to know more about the benefits of a WhatsApp chatbot?

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