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How to integrate with CMs WhatsApp for Business API

Connect with WhatsApp and provide customer service and automate messages. Integrating WhatsApp with can be done via 360Dialog. They offer access to the official WhatsApp Business API. Follow these 3 steps to integrate WhatsApp with your bot. The Webhook url, product token and production phone number are required. You can leave other fields empty.

1. Share the Webhook URL with 360Dialog

360Dialog will assist you in setting up your WhatsApp for Business account. For the connection between and 360Dialog, you need to share the WhatsApp Webhook URL with CM. You can copy the Webhook URL from the dashboard and send it by e-mail to your customer success manager at CM.

Chatbot 360Dialog WhatsApp

2. Copy Product Token from 360Dialog

After your Webhook URL has been processed by your customer success manager at CM you can head over to the Messaging Gateway and copy your Product Token

Chatbot 360Dialog WhatsApp
Chatbot 360Dialog WhatsApp

3. Add Product Token and Production phone number in

Head over to your WhatsApp integration within, paste your product token and add your production phone number. Congratulations, your bot is now connected to WhatsApp.

Chatbot 360Dialog WhatsApp
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