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How to use Facebook Messenger’s link in your chatbot

1. What are links?

Facebook Messenger’s links are links that allow you to directly start a conversation through Messenger. By clicking that link a chat window will open within messenger, ready to type a message. These links even allow you to trigger a specific event from your design. These links allows you to boost conversion and works on smartphones as well desktops.

2. How to create a links?

Messengers links all have a similar format where PAGE_NAME is the Facebook page the bot is linked to. Let’s take as an example:<PAGE_NAME>

On top of that we can also trigger an event that is designed in your project:<PAGE_NAME>?ref=<EVENT_NAME>

Make sure to enable a getting started button from your messenger integration settings in

3. How to use links? link

These links are great for redirecting to a specific event or flow in your design. Also you will receive some data of the user. This allows you to:

Let’s imagine you have a Facebook Ad running to pre-order your newest products. The current call to action is to visit your home page or a specific landing page. Now what if they could pre-order your product within messenger without entering all their contact details on that website. By using a conversational pre-order process in messenger, you can already fill in data that you have from their profile, reducing the steps to pre-order your product. The easier and faster your process, the higher your conversion.

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