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How to use Carousels

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A carousels is a set of multiple cards with buttons attached to each card. A carousel is great for presenting several options to your end user. Within you design you can use carousels to enrich the user experience.

1. Add Carousel

Select the the carousels reply and drag and drop it onto your canvas.

2. Add Cards

To add cards to your carousel, select “Add Card” from the Carousel section on your right.

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3. Customize cards

To customize your card, select Card from the panel on your right. You are now able to change content of your card.

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4. Re-order Cards

To re-order your cards from your carousel, you can select the card that you would like to re-order. Then move it forward or backward from the Carousel section on your right.

To re-order buttons read our buttons article.

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