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3 Steps to get started with the new Chatapp

Chatapp takeover

We’ve renewed our chat module and as a result, we’ve now launched our brand new Chatapp. It allows you to hand over a conversation by the chatbot to a human agent.

Incoming messages will be centralized to one point of communication where your agents can reply to the customer. That message will then be delivered to your customers’ preferred channel and that can be WhatsApp, Web, Messenger or other channels.

With the following 3 steps, you will have your Chatapp set up in no time!

1. Setting up the Handoff

Before an agent can follow up, you will need to design which conversations will be handed off for human assistance. Yout should think about the following:

To set up the handoff you can drag and drop the Handoff Reply into a specific part of your flow where you want the handoff to take place.

Tip: Combine it with Conditions to check if the user is already known, if not the bot can already extract valuable information such as name, order number and email address so that your agent is able to solve the question in no time.

2. Setting up an inbox

After setting up the Handoff, it is time to set up an inbox. Head over to the Chat and select settings from the top left. You can now select the inbox that you want to manage. Click save and you’re ready to go.

Setting up your inbox

3. Enable notifications

A useful feature is takeover notifications. This enables you to receive a popup notification when a takeover is required. You can allow notifications from within your browser settings.

Enable notifications

Hand the conversation back and forth

You’re good to go! You will receive a takeover notification and from there on you can respond to incoming questions from Web, WhatsApp, Messenger and more, from one single environment.

Did you know that you can also hand conversation back from humans to bot? That is a very useful feature to start a Survey after the ticket is closed.

Handoff and handback
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