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5 Reasons to Use a Chatbot

A chatbot can add enormous value to your business. Read below 5 reasons to start with a bot via Web, WhatsApp, Messenger or other channels.

1. Save time & money

In general, many of the same sorts of questions are asked to the customer service of an organization. For example, e-commerce often involves questions such as: “Can I still cancel my order?” or “My ordered product is damaged, can I return it?”.

A bot learns to recognize questions and respond automatically. By automating 20–30% of the questions (which is very realistic), employees are left with more valuable time to focus on more complex questions.

2. Chatbots are available 24/7

No pause, no sleep, no problem! A bot does not need all of this and is also active in the evenings and on weekends to help customers further. By responding quickly when the customer wants it, bots ensure satisfied customers (+ 15%).

5 Reasons to Use a Chatbot

3. No waiting times

A bot is able to answer large numbers of messages in a very short time. The bot does not have problems with peak hours, because all questions are answered simultaneously and immediately.

4. Generate leads

There is a big difference in conversion between landing pages, traditional email campaigns and marketing campaigns via messaging. With a bot, you can automate messaging and you can achieve a much higher engagement (> 600%) and conversion (> 300%).

5. Gain insight

Customer interactions provide data. This data can be used for analysis to train the bot, but also to optimize products and services.

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