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Analyze Chatbot Performance

Great, your chatbot is online but how do you analyze the performance of your chatbot? The performance of your bot can measured in various ways. Why are you using a chatbot in the first place? Is to save time and money, is it to imrpove the customer journey or is it a lead generator?

All those options should be measureable within your own business dashboard. If not, make sure you get the insights asap. Otherwise it will be impossible to calculate the ROI for your case.

A more detailed bot analysis is important to further improve the performance of your bot. Which questions are asked most often and how do you know if the end user is happy with the provided answer?

Within there are several options to analyze your bot such as:

Integrating with excisting tools

An integration with an excisting tool is relative simple. From the integration menu select your analytics and complete the set-up. Use our documentation as reference.

Custom performance dashboard

We allow you to export your chatbot data from your analytics view. Select export, your date range and you will receive a download link by e-mail. The download file includes:

With the obtained data you’ll be able to perform different analysis, this is more time consuming and requires processing and visualization of data. If you have in-house data scientists this is definitely an option to consider.

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