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How to use WhatsApp efficiently for your customer service

There are various channels through which your company can interact with (potential) customers. Think of telephony, email and various messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

With 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media channels in the world. This makes it very accessible for customers to communicate with companies. It is easy to send an “app” and you’re done.

Because of the popularity and accessibility of WhatsApp, companies have enormous opportunities for customer service and marketing.

Whatsapp Customer Service

WhatsApp for Business

If you decide as a company to offer WhatsApp as a communication channel, keep in mind that you can expect many more questions and messages than via a contact form or help desk behind a login.

The number of messages can also increase because the user has 24/7 access to WhatsApp. For example, someone can send a message on Saturday evening asking whether he can return his product. Naturally, the customer therefore wants an immediate answer.

It is important to deal with these questions as efficiently as possible.

Whatsapp Customer Service

Efficient use of WhatsApp

To answer questions 24/7, it is possible to automate customer contact with (chat) bots via WhatsApp.

A WhatsApp chatbot is good at recognizing frequently asked questions and independently answering them. This can continue 24/7. If there are questions that the WhatsApp bot has no answer to, they will still be forwarded to an agent.

...Answering ever-recurring questions requires a lot of time and effort, which requires an efficient approach...

To also solve “unknown questions” faster, the bot can be trained to request data that the customer service representative needs. Think of questions such as: “Are you already a customer?” or “What is your zip code?”.

This hybrid model in which a WhatsApp bot for companies works together with their customer service agents is very effective and efficient.

In addition to saving time, money and improving the customer journey, there are other ways to deploy a bot. You can find more examples in the article 5 reasons to use a chatbot.

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