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How To Add Business Hours To Your Chatbot

When designing your chatbot you might encounter the fact that your business processes are different outside of business hours. A common example is a livechat takeover by a human during business hours. Outside of business hours you might want to get contact details of the end user to get back to them asap.

Set Business Hours

You can set your Business Hours by selecting Business Hours from the Project Settings. You will be asked to enter a Label, Timezone, Channel and your opening hours.


Create Action

After setting your business hours, it’s time to create an Action. The example below triggers the event “Livechat Open” if it is within Business Hours and triggers the event “Livechat Closed” otherwise. Change the label to your own label and modify the triggered event to your needs.

async payload => {

 if(await toolbelt.isBusinessHours({
   label: "YourLabel"
 })) {
   trigger('Livechat Open')
   trigger('Livechat Closed')

Drag & Drop your action

Business hours are set, your action is created, don’t forget to implement it in your design. Within your flows drag en drop an Action reply and select the action you’ve just created.

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