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How to hand over to a human agent

A bot is great for relative simple questions, marketing purposes or more complicated work flows but there will always be questions where the bot is better off by handing the question over to a human agent. This can be the case when is not trained for that specific question or if the bot is not trained well enough to understand the intent.

This article will show you how this hand-off, or takeover works in 3 steps.

1. The Unknown

Let’s start with a new flow and call it “Takeover”, “Unknown”, or “Hand-off”. Then drag & drop the unknown trigger onto your canvas. When the bot does not understand the question it will trigger this flow.

2. Manage expectations

Use a text reply to manage expectations of your end user. Will the bot create a ticket or is there an agent on it’s way to help? And what is corresponding time frame?


3. Follow up by an agent

To follow up by an agent can be done in multiple ways. This depends on your current processes but in every process it is important to show your agent that there is a new takeover required. Let’s discuss a couple of options.

  1. Email ticket

Within in it is possible to capture the question of the user, their first name, email and other contact details. The captured data can then be send by email to your service center by using actions.

  1. Existing integrations allows you to integrate with several customer service tools. Follow the steps within the integration menu to complete the integration. When the integration is complete you can simply use the action ‘takeover’ to notify the integrated platform. That platform will assign the chat to a general mailbox or agent depending on your rules. Are you using Front? Have a look at setting up a hand-off work flow with Front.

  1. Other solutions

Are you using other tooling? Feel free to contact us as your tooling might be on our backlog. Otherwise capture the required information of the user and combine it with an API call to push the data into you system and create a ticket.

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