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How To Structure Your Chatbot

When you start creating flows within your project everything is seems clear. But as your number of flows increas, your overview might decrease. Therefore, we’ll provide you with some useful tips to keep your project clean and structured.


Create Small Flows

When using a chatbot for asking multiple questions that appear in the same order. E.g. conversational form where you ask for a name, phone and e-mail of the user. In that case we recommende splitting these questions in sperate flows and link them together by using events.

This structure enables you to edit your flows more efficient as you’ll find your topic in no time! The example above results in at least three flows. The first to gather a name, the second to gather a phone number and the third to capture the e-mail address.

Group Your Flows

So now we have three flows that are triggered one after each other. To cluster them you can create groups with corresponding name. The three questions as mentioned above can be grouped as “Chatbot form” or “Conversational Form”.

Alphabetical Order

Great! We got different flows that belong together but within our group they do not appear in a logical order. Therefore we can change the name of the flows. The systems sorts flows based on alphabetical order. This works for flows and groups.

With the example above the following names would result in a clean and structured design:

  1. “Conversational Form”
    1. “Gather Name”
    2. “Gather Phone”
    3. “Gather Email”

Hope this helps structuring your conversational experience! If you have any additional questions. Feel free to contact us through [email protected]

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