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How to integrate a chatbot with Instapage in 3 steps

Are you looking for a way to automate customer interactions and generate leads from your landing page? You can easily connect your chatbot with Instapage or any other landing page tools.

Instapage chatbot

1. Create your chatbot

There’s nothing to integrate without creating your chatbot first. Create a free account at and you will have all the options to design, test, and deploy your chatbot to any website.

2. Copy Javascript Web Widget

To integrate your chatbot with your landing page, head over to Integrations, and copy the javascript code that represents your conversational experience.

Javascript that represents your chatbot

3. Paste your code in the footer

You can now paste your code at the footer section of your landing page. In Instapage, you can do that by editing your design and picking Javascript on the right side.

Instapage Javascript footer script for chatbot
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