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How to track your links

It might be useful to track links that are incorporated in your chatbot. You might want to read this article if you want to:

This article will show you how to track your links in 3 steps.

Create a chatbot or conversational experience

Obviously, you’ll need to have a chatbot in place before you can measure the links that are used by your chatbot. If you’re new to and need guidance in designing your chatbot, have a look at:

Find a Link Tracking Platform

There are several link tracking platforms available. Choose your platform based on your needs and compare different platforms. We recommend to try different ones. After experiencing different platforms you’ll be able to pick the one that matches your needs. To help you out we’ve listed a couple:

  1. Linktrack
  2. ClickMagick
  3. Improvely

Within your link tracking tool you’ll be able to create a new link that is being tracked. The example below shows you an example of such a link that redirects to’s sign up page.

link tracking

Incorporate your tracked link

You’ve just create your tracked link. Now it’s time incorporate that link in your chatbot design. Go ahead, go to the flow where you want to place your tracked link and place it in your button, card, carousel or place it as simple text.

tracked link in chatbot design

Your links will now be tracked. Monitor your clicks from the dashboard in your link tracking tool.

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