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What is a chatbot?

In this article, we’ll explain what a chatbot, or simply bot, actually is, and we give examples of other conversational interfaces.

A chatbot is simply a conversation partner who gives an automatic answer. You can ask questions and get an answer quickly and automatically.

Bots can be found on different channels, such as a chat bubble at the bottom of a website (this can also be live chat), Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other channels. Other variants can be found with smart speakers such as Google Home or Alexa Amazon.

customer service bot

Conversational Interfaces

Questions are automatically answered for all these variants. Because these interactions are in conversation form, we also call these conversational interfaces.

These conversational interfaces are set up in a computer program. In this program you train a bot so that certain questions are recognised and the bot can give an appropriate answer.

To go one step further, there are different types of bots, such as rule-based bots and NLP bots. Differences between type of bots are explained in the article about Different types of bots.

...Answering ever-recurring questions requires a lot of time and effort, which requires an efficient approach...

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