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How McDonald’s directly answers questions

Together with SOEQ and, McDonald’s has developed a chatbot that can answer questions and transfer them to the right person if necessary.

Chatbot McDonald’s

The Challenge

The power of social media is enormous and customers want to be able to ask their questions 24/7 and receive immediate answers. A chatbot is a great way to facilitate that. The challenge is not so much in designing a bot for one specific location, but in designing a bot that is scalable for multiple restaurants. It should be possible to easily and quickly add multiple locations to the chatbot.

The main goals were:

In collaboration with McDonald’s, SOEQ and, a bot has been developed within 1 week for several McDonald’s restaurants in The Netherlands. The bot is able to answer and forward incoming questions. In addition, multiple locations can easily be added to the bot.

...we have developed a scalable chatbot that can answer questions and transfer them to the right person...

The Solution

Chatbot Gaia McDonald’s

As soon as you have contact with chatbot Gaia—via the web or social media—a lot happens behind the scenes. Gaia knows which location you are trying to connect with and then takes the corresponding data. If you ask about the opening hours, Gaia knows that you are referring to a specific location, like for example the McDonald’s location in Tilburg City Center, The Netherlands.

In the same way, questions to which Gaia does not know the answer are forwarded directly to the right person. This is how all questions get answered.

Flexible and Scalable

Chatbot Gaia has since, been scaled up to more than 10 restaurants. Gaia can help customers with product related questions, complaints,suggestions, contact details and questions about vacancies. One of the most important characteristics of the bot is that it is flexible and scalable.

Adding new questions is easy using the dashboard as well as new restaurants.

Start small and put the bot live. In this way, you can see what the customer demand is. Make sure that you continue to work in a flexible and scalable way.

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