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Updated pricing

We’re happy to announce that our new pricing plans are live! With our previous plans you were required to have a paid subscription or active trial to interact with your bot. Based on user feedback we’ve changed this.

We learned most users require time building and testing their bots and that our entry price was steep for certain use cases so we made changes to our pricing plans.

What did we change?

From August 2019, anyone can test their app without a paid subscription. You won’t even need a credit card.

Free accounts contain 50 sessions a month and one seat

Need more sessions or collaborate with co-workers? No problem, but then you’ll need to upgrade to a pro or enterprise plan.

Pro accounts start at just $19 a month

By upgrading to a Pro plan you’ll double the amount of sessions to a 100 and you’ll get an additional seat for a team member. It’s specifically aimed at smaller businesses.

If you want to work together with more then 2 team members, co-workers or clients, you need to have additional seats.

Each additional seat is $9 a month and sessions are priced at around $15 a 100 sessions a month. You can find a simple calculator on our Pricing Page

Whenever your use case requires over 10k sessions a month, additional support feel free to reach out to our sales team.

What if I already have a paid subscription?

If you already have a Business or Individual plan, you do not have to change or update immediately. For some use cases the new pricing is a bit cheaper, for other use cases it might be the other way around. You can check this yourself using the Pro plan pricing calculator.

If you are ready to move to the new pricing, you can do this by unsubscribing your current subscription, followed by subscribing to the new Pro plan.

Let us know if you have any questions or problems on our support channel.

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