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Smart chatbot provides Par-T festival visitors with quick answers to festival questions at any time

Par-T has developed a chatbot together with

Chatbot Festival

Dealing with peak hours

By working in a small team, the contact is close but time is scarce. The large number of questions coming in during specific periods of the Par-T festival season keeps increasing as the festival days approach. The customer service is done via mail and mainly via Facebook Messenger. In addition, many questions are asked outside office hours.

Par-T is a young company that wants to keep up with digital developments, so a chatbot fits perfectly with that idea. The festival season was already in full swing so a working version had to be released very fast.

The main goals are:

AI festival chatbot

Frequently asked questions answered

The bot was developed with the existing frequently asked questions with the addition of some new questions. is a simple system to work with, so you can quickly create a working model. One-man company Imagy therefore launched a working bot already within one week that was launched immediately.

...a working bot within a week...

Intermediate challenge

The online world is fast and as soon as something becomes clear, questions immediately arise. For example, Par-T introduced a new way to combat the black market of ticket sales, which created new questions. These questions can be processed quickly and efficiently in, so that our customers could be informed again quickly.

...questions can be processed quickly and efficiently in, so that our customers could be informed again quickly...

It turned out that processing current frequently asked questions in the bot was not enough. Especially the days before the festival, more new questions were added. This brought a new challenge, but a new series of questions and corresponding answers could be added in no time.

Smart festival bot

Festival chatbot for the future

A nice first start has been made for the future of this bot. The different festival bots have been able to help 1500 people with their questions. The bot has been developed to answer standard questions, but will be supplemented in the future with more complex questions and a personal touch. These improvements, along with simplicity, is what Par-T, Imagy and will focus on in the upcoming festival season to better serve their customers.

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