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How Samsung Improves the Customer Journey

Samsung Benelux, together with Teleperformance and, has developed a chatbot that goes beyond the automation of frequently asked questions.

The Challenge

Research showed that Samsung customers spend a lot of time on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. From this insight and Samsung’s ambition to optimize several processes within customer service, Samsung decided to run a pilot using Facebook Messenger.

The main goals were:

In cooperation with Samsung and, TP (Teleperformance Benelux), developed the chatbot based on existing conversation data.

Using the platform, the team was able to launch a production version of the bot in just 3 weeks.

...the team was able to launch a production version of the bot in just 3 weeks...

A new Colleague

The chatbot works seamlessly with the customer service staff. For that reason, Samsung also decided to name their chatbot Sam.


As soon as the chatbot does not have an answer ready, the system automatically continues the call. This way no question remains unanswered!

When users submit a repair, the chatbot handles the entire flow of the repair process. From returning and repairing to returning the device to the user. During the process, the chatbot provides updates on its progress.


Lessons learned

One of the key findings during the pilot was that having a governance model in place is key for success.

Creating and running a bot is similar to maintaining a website or mobile app. It requires new content, updates and a dedicated team to do that.

Conversation designers, Charlotte and Laura

More messages, fewer agents

After 3 months of running the pilot Samsung was able to reduce the number of human agents by 25% while the number of handled messages grew by 20%.

...reduced the number of human agents by 25% while handling 20% more messages...

The agents can now handle more conversations that are complex, specific cases or require a human touch.

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