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Young Uitzenden - Mobile applying for jobs via a WhatsApp chatbot

Ultimate festival chatbot

During the Dutch national holiday King’s Day, Young Uitzenden needs more than 1000 temporary workers who want to work at the best festivals. Every year it becomes increasingly more difficult to find the right young people who want to work during these events.

How should you reach this target group? And how do you make it as easy and fun as possible for this target group to complete an actual registration?

The solution

Beyond Agency ui Wapse has done an extensive research for Young Uitzenden on how we can reach the young target group together and generate more registrations for King’s Day.

...with the bot we managed to generate 73.5% more registrations compared to last year...

This study shows that young people simply want to cash in on the best festivals and don’t need long registration forms and administrative tasks. Three elements that young people do need are included in the campaign:

A WhatsApp chatbot has been developed with 5 simple questions so that young people can complete an application within 30 seconds via an automated WhatsApp conversation. After the application, an employee will contact the applicant the same day to finalize the registration.

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