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Integrate Flow.ai with Chatbase and unluck valuable insights to enhance your AI-powered experience.

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Chatbot performance

Satisfy customers 24/7

Use insights from data to build smart chatbots that are able to satisfy customers 24/7.
Visualize chatbot data

Reduce costs

Use artificial intelligence to discover business opportunities, more quickly
ROI chatbot

Improve results over time

Analyze and improve your conversational experience.

Save time on reports.

Custom analysis can be time-consuming. Start working with automated reports.

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Chatbase Integration 1

Improve customer experience.

Make decisions based on data of your reports.

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Chatbase Integration 2

Raise conversion rates.

Design new strategies based on insights of interactions between bot and user.

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Chatbase Integration 3

How it works.

Integrate Chatbase with Flow.ai in 3 steps:
Create an Flow & Chatbase account
Set-up Chatbase
Configure Flow.ai

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About Chatbase

Chatbase integration for chatbot analytics

Chatbase is a cloud based service that offers tools to easily analyze and optimize chatbots. This gives a conversational designer the tools to increase conversion, to improve the bot performance and a better overall customer experience..

Google's bot analytics platform Chatbase for voice and bots

The Chatbase solution is available in several interactive dashboard and integrates with voice interfaces like Alexa Amazon and Google Home and text interfaces like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more. If you are wondering how many active users your bot has, how your sessions flows or funnels look like, then Chatbase might be a good fit.