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Integrate Flow.ai with Coosto for a chatbot to human takeover process made simple.

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Use Coosto for handover

Seamless handover

Seamless handover between chatbot and customer service agent
Combine Coosto and Flow.ai


Available on all social channels offered by Coosto
Perform Customer Care

Easy setup

Easy to set up with Flow.ai and Coosto

Why use Flow.ai with Coosto.

We help you to offer world class customer service. Engage with your customers on all social media platforms from one overview and collaborate efficiently with chatbots and team members.

Conversation History.

Coosto Engage shows you the full conversation history between you and the customer, so you can allow for previous questions or remarks when replying.

Coosto Integration 1

All in one Social Media Management tool.

Receive incoming messages from WhatsApp, Messenger and more. Combine automation by AI with human agents.

Coosto Integration 2

Improve your service using data.

See where, when and how your customers send messages to or about your brand. This information enables you to improve your service level, manage your social media service team smarter and improve your customer satisfaction more efficiently.

Coosto Integration 3

Want to know more?

About Coosto

About Coosto

We’re Coosto: nice to meet you. A name inspired by deep sea diver Jacques-Yves Cousteau. We dive into the world of social media data and bring it together with the worlds of companies and organizations. We do not only bring online data insights, we also make the data understandable. Human. We help you to get further. In that way, you have a better knowledge of your target audience, you’re able to protect your brand reputation and you can respond to the online world as we know it today.

Our added value

Why is that so important? Nowadays, people are active online more than ever. They talk with each other. About each other. But also, about products, services or companies. Coosto makes it possible to participate in the conversations people are having online, no matter the social platform. We give you the possibility to respond to questions, complaints or crisis situations. In that way, you’re not only keeping your customers happy, but your company as well since you keep building your brand reputation.