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Integrate Flow.ai with Dashbot and for actionable Chatbot & Voice Analytics for enterprises.

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Chatbot performance

Optimize Customer Service

Analyze interactions, drop-out moments and optimize conversion funnels.
Visualize chatbot data

Increase Conversions

Use artificial intelligence to discover business opportunities, more quickly
ROI chatbot

Increase Engagement

Get insights from data to understand customer behaviour and optimize response effectiveness.

Traditional Metrics.

Custom analysis can be time-consuming. Start working with automated reports.

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Dashbot Integration 1

Conversation Specific Analytics.

Make decisions based on data of your reports.

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Dashbot Integration 2

Comparison Metrics.

Design new strategies based on insights of interactions between bot and user.

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Dashbot Integration 3

How it works.

Integrate Dashbot with Flow.ai in 3 steps:
Create an Flow & Dashbot account
Set-up Dashbot
Configure Flow.ai

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About Dashbot

Dashbot for chatbot analytics

Dashbot is an analytics platform for bots and helps conversational designers to create better chatbots in terms of customer service, conversion and engagement. It support you by transferring raw data into valuable and actionable data for enterprises.

Improve chatbot performance

With Dashbot you can access more than the standard bot metrics like engagement and retention. It allows you to gain deep insights in customer behavior by turning sentiment analysis, conversational analytics and chatbot responses into actionable insights.