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Easy to use bot builder

Easy to use bot builder.

Whether you’re creating a simple bot or complete product, we’ve refined the fundamental tools you need and laid the foundations for amazing work.


Drag and drop triggers and replies to create conversational flows


Work with flows and organise your work using groups

Browser based

Work in the cloud anywhere without the need of additional software

Rich UI

Use and apply rich user interface elements

UX design focused.

We’ve built every feature to make it easier for you to do your best work, at every stage of your process. Here are just a few of them.

UX design focused


Add brief timeouts between reply messages to tweak the experience


Use timers to respond at a later time or send a reminder


Easily differentiate replies to reduce repetitive answers


Tailor the experience by using any data inside replies
Use the full power of each platform

Use the full power of each platform.

You can tailor each reply across any channel or language

Channel specific

Differentiate responses for each specific channel


Create one project in multiple languages

Voice & Phone

Create dynamic, intelligent solutions to automate voice

All features in one complete solution.

We have a background in user experience design and built the best bot design tool, based on years of conversation design work

All features in one complete solution


No conversation is static, branch flows to add context

Capture data

Extract data from the conversation


Add logic without the need to write code

Re-use intents

Create and train the AI once, and re-use it
Prototype, test, and collaborate

Prototype, test, and collaborate.

We’ve made the process of testing out your ideas painless. And, when you need to, have a developer or copy -writer collaborate with you

Test and debug

Try your ideas and trace what happens, even on a channel like WhatsApp

Work together

Any work is live synchronised with any team member

Easy deploy

Create multiple projects for development, staging and production


Make it dynamic by allowing developers to tie in custom code
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