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Integrate Flow.ai with Facebook Messenger and automate customer service, marketing and sales with advanced chatbots

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Perform Customer Care

Customer Service

Increase agent productivity and automate customer inquiries. Hand complex questions over to your customer service tool and save time
Conversational commerce

Marketing Campaigns

Set-up automated marketing campaigns with ads or collect leads and grow an audience to broadcast
Engage with customers

Integrate and connect

Integrate your bot with external service to deliver accurate an personalized messages in context

Why use Messenger with Flow.ai?.

Deploy the best bots for customer service and marketing on Messenger

Design Messenger Experiences.

Don't code, but design your chatbot. Add rich elements to your design like buttons, cards, carousels, location and everything the Messenger plaform has to offer.

One Click Install.

Connect your chatbot with your Facebook page in just one click. Get started with creating and testing your bot in just minutes.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Go Beyond Buttons and Cards.

Improve your bot by using webviews, personas and other built-in features. Allow cutomers to select a date or list option not possible with the default Messenger UI elements.

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