Drag and Drop UI.

The Flow.ai visual drag and drop editor makes designing conversation flows a breeze. Mix in multimedia for the ultimate user experience. Finetune the conversational experience per channel.

Cutting edge NLU Engine.

Intent classification and entity extraction is all handled by our neural NLU engine available for all major languages.

Work with deep NLU tech without having to deal with all the complexity and code.

Make it Dynamic.

Customise the experience with third party APIs and backend services

Cloud Code.

Want to grab data from a weather API and send a dynamic response? Build it yourself with cloud actions! Run snippets of JavaScript within our platform.


Want to host it yourself? Using Webhooks you can integrate any service and even push messages

Feature by feature.

Real-Time Collaboration

Voice editor


Send rich UI widgets

Reuse intents
Pre-trained templates
Multi-language support

Web widget

Multiple projects

Intent classification

Entity extraction

Conversation Branching

Fallback handling

Production grade.

Advanced features for performance measurements

Handover and fallback.

Integrate with top of the line customer service solutions like Front and Sparkcentral or use the Chat app for insights, handover and fallback scenarios.


On which channel are your customers most active? Get complete insights for every platform and discover where your leads are.

Start working faster today.