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Integrate Flow.ai with Front for a seamless handoff from bot to human and from human to bot.

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Use Front for handover

Shared inbox for teams

Organize all your conversations in one place, route them to the right people, and get more done as a team.
Combine Front and Flow.ai

Channel Support

Use Front to handle handover messages with any connected channel to Front
Perform Customer Care

Rules & Analytics

Use rules and analytics to perfect the way your handover

Why use Flow.ai with Front.

Front transforms your inbox into a powerful platform that brings together the people, messages, and apps you need to act quickly and effectively as a team.

Route to the right people.

Follow up fast and accurate by routing messages to the right inbox, continue with canned responses and switch between agent and bot.

Front Integration 1

Fully integrated.

Increase productivity by switching between bot and agent and use, images, cards, carousels to improve the customer journey.

One Click install.

Connect Flow.ai with Front with 1 click and set up your own labels and rules.

Front Integration 2

Want to know more?

About Front

Help desk and ticketing software

Integrate Flow.ai with FrontApp as customer service software to combine chatbots with a seamless handoff to human agents. FrontApp is a cloud CRM tool or ticketing software that allows you to create custom rules and labels resulting in The shared inbox for teams.

Chatbot for customer service

Use your bot for marketing, sales and customer service. Connect with your user on Messenger, WhatsApp or Web and follow up in your favorite OTRS or helpdesk software.