Google Analytics.

Integrate with Google Analytics fo analyze and view performance of your bot.

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Measure Performance

Track and report bot interactions and keep improving.

Data Visualization

Visualize chatbot data to get valuable insight at a glance.

ROI insights

Measure your bot conversions to Calculate your ROI.

Track interactions.

Track which flows are triggered most often and where do people drop out? Find out by tracking your interactions.

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Funnels & Tags.

Create funnels and tag each step in the process, allowing you to get a full overview of your bot performance.

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Easy install.

Create a and Google account and tailor the integration to your needs.

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How it works.

Integrate Google Analytics with in 3 steps:
Create an account
Configure Google Analytics

Get Started.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics for chatbot analytics

No matter if you integrate your AI chatbot with an easy to build Wordpress or Wix website or if you have an Shopify e-commere business. You can use Analytics from Google to optimize marketing and customer service.

Google Tagmanager to optimize your marketing platform

Use Google Tagmanager in your AI chatbot to optimize your bot. Combine it with your own tracked URL builder and see how your stats increase. Integrate your bot to different channels like WhatsApp, Messenger and Web and get the most out of your marketing efforts and customer service or support team.