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Integrate Flow.ai with Insocial - Feedback Solutions and listen to the voice of your customer. Discover what drives them, makes them happy and how you can turn them into your ambassadors.

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Chatbot feedback

Customer Feedback

Know what your customers want. Anytime, anywhere.
Optimize chatbot service

Optimize your service on all channels

Improve the things that have the most impact on your customers’ happiness.
Increase customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty

Create an experience your customers don’t want to say goodbye to!

Why use Insocial with Flow.ai?.

Get to know more by integration with Insocial - Feedback Solutions

Measure the moments that matter.

Spread surveys across every channel on every moment and gain insights across the entire customer journey

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Turn insights into actions.

Improve your service and customer experience. What factors decrease your customers’ satisfaction the most and should receive your attention and priority?

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Stand out with your excellent service.

Share your results with the rest of your organisation via push reports and narrowcast on screen,, and show the world your unique experience and high quality service by publishing online reviews.

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About Insocial

Feedback solutions for your chatbot

Insocial makes it possible for organisations to measure customer satisfaction and receive feedback on every single moment. Powerful dashboards help you understand what your customers really need and which actions you should take to fulfil those needs. By continuously optimising your customers’ experience, you increase customers’ loyalty and they’ll spend more at your organisation.

We make CX work

The CX-experts of Insocial have years of experience in helping organisations improve their customer experience and sharing their amazing CX-results with the world. Our experts are not just their to help you with feedback software. They are there to help you with your CX goals across your entire organisation. With our results we make sure CX truly becomes a part of the DNA of your organisation. This way, we make CX work for you!