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Intelligent IVR.

Create voice and IVR bots to deliver
immersive conversational experiences

IVR bots
Design your IVR system

Design your IVR system.

Your IVR should be flexible enough to match the movements of customer preferences. Flow.ai provides you the tools to add new features, tweak existing ones, and iterate your IVR easily.

Drag and drop

Maak eenvoudige IVR flows of intelligente voice assistants met behulp van een krachtige drag & drop interface

Speech & numbers

Mix and match speech recognition with DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) input

Route or deflect

Forward calls to agents or deflect to async messaging channels like WhatsApp or SMS

The future contact center solution.

A complete solution that will modernize any existing phone system

The future contact center solution

Connect and integrate

Tie an intelligent IVR to a SIP trunk or call center solution like Genesys or Avaya. Connect a CRM or other external service using webhooks and code actions

Conversational AI

Recognize caller intents or capture data from the conversation. Create flows that can even be conducted without requiring a live agent at all.


Craft the IVR once and translate it for more than a 100 languages and regions. Use the built-in text-to-speech for 26 dialects and voices
Prototype, test, and collaborate

Prototype, test, and collaborate.

Create, test, deploy, iterate. We've made it a joy for multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate in a single environment

Work together

Any work is live synchronised with any team member

Test and debug

Try your ideas and trace what happens

Easy deploy

Create multiple projects for development, staging and production


Make it dynamic by allowing developers to tie in custom logic

Feature By Feature.


IVR Design

Everything needed to design and build IVR flows without code

Drag and drop UI

Visually create flows by dragging and dropping triggers and replies on a canvas


Ask a customer to press a single digit for classic IVR phone menus

Speech recognition

Ask a user for voice input with automatic speech-to-text, over 100 languages supported


Add short pauses between messages to tweak the dialog

Forward calls

Forward a call to a different phone number or human agent

Deflect calls

Deflect a call to a different channel like WhatsApp or SMS


Pre-built project templates for use cases like customer service

Managing flows

Group, re-order and re-use hundreds of flows


Apply context within flows by branching them for different follow ups


Without any code, dynamically branch flows based on tags, params or other conditions

A/B test

Test flows and replies using A/B test conditions


Conversation content management. Reply, deflect or take action on calls.


Send back dynamic replies using builtin text-to-speech


Choose one of dozens voices in 24 different languages

Pre-recorded audio

Have full control of the output using audio


Add notes to transcribe the conversations


Add tags to measure or route calls to the correct deparment

SMS or WhatsApp

Reply or send confirmation on messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS

Natural language processing

State-of-the-art proprietary conversational AI and Machine learning engine

Intent classification

Add training data and train the system to detect intent within conversations

Context aware

The engine keeps context and learns from the flow designs

Sentiment analysis

Measures sentiment to be used within business rules and analytics

Re-use intents

Re-use the same intents within different flows

Import and export

Copy and paste intent and entity lists, or import and export them as csv files

Noise intent

Train the AI what it should not match

Extract data

Extract data using entities and slot filling

Slot filling

Capture a wide range of voice input and validate it. Support for dates, phone numbers, custom lists and many more

Entity extraction

Annotate and extract contextual data voice or DTMF input using entities

Custom entity type

Create custom lists for entity data, like products or store locations

System entities

Builtin support for e-mail, phone numbers, numbers, URLs and many more

Integrate and customize

Connect to external services or add custom logic

Execute custom code

Run custom code within the context of a flow and send dynamic voice replies

Call webhooks

Make requests to a webhook within context of a flow and send replies

Trigger Zapier

Trigger a zap within the context of a Flow

Customer service

We provide builtin support for different third-party solutions


Using our APIs, code and webhook actions it’s easy to connect with any CRM like Hubspot or Salesforce

Proprietary services

Connect to any proprietary backend service using our contextual actions or APIs

IP whitelisting

We can provide static IPs for IT departments to whitelist access


Connect to different phone systems

SIP trunks

Connect directly to using industry standards like SIP

Phone numbers

Receive calls on a dedicated phone umber


Measure and analyse your project


View different measurements like calls, users, and sentiment within a dashboard


Add and remove tags to measure specific conversion points


Download any meta data in CSV format

External services

We have builtin support for popular analytic services like Google Analytics


Built-in language and time zone support

Date & time

We provide timezone support by default and allow conversion using code actions

Multi-language support

Create your project in any language. We have system entity entity support for 48 languages


Live collaboration and team management

Live sync

Changes in flows, intents and code actions are synced live between team members

Projects & organisations

Create multiple projects and organisations to collaborate


Assign different roles to team members to limit functionality

External services

We have builtin support for popular analytic services like Google Analytics

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