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Integrate Flow.ai with Khoros and bring together the optimum blend of live and virtual agents in the contact center

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Use Khoros for handover

Improve Customer Journey

Increase the customer journey and measure the success of your team.
Combine Khoros and Flow.ai

Increase Efficiency

Automate and hand off from bot to human and from human to bot and increase efficiency.
Perform Customer Care

Reduction in Agent Attrition

The modern UI, simple UX, and easy-to-use solution results in an improved agent experience.

Why use Flow.ai with Khoros.

Manage Messaging, Chat and Social with one Digital Customer Service solution while automating questions and provide self service

Personalize the Experience.

Combine AI and human agents to resolve customers' needs quickly, easily, and personally — and watch customer satisfaction improve.

Khoros Integration 1

Conversation insights.

Learn from your bot and agents and take the right action with operational metrics alongside your customer experience analytics.

Khoros Integration 2

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About Khoros

Leading customer engagement platform

Khoros offers leading customer engagement software, prior known as Spredfast and Lithium. Khoros helps companies to deliver the best possible customer service.

About the Khoros Team

Combine the best of AI and human agents with Khoros. The Khoros team is passionate and humble — and our mission is to help you connect with customers throughout their journey.