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Multi-lingual chatbot.

Create flows only once, sync changes, approve translations and you're done

IVR bots
Cover every language with just a single bot

Cover every language with just a single bot.

Building and maintaining a separate chatbot for each language isn’t efficient. Create the bot once and sync any change across languages

Sync changes

Easily design flows in a primary language and we'll do an initial translation for you

Auto translate

Use our advanced AI driven machine translation to generate any additional language

Review & Approve

Collaborate with translators and maintain different languages with just a single project

Multiple regions.

Not just language defines what to reply, so does the region

Multiple regions


Tweak the experience for different locales and add specific regional content

Language detection

We automatically recognize the language of inbound messages and reply accordingly

Restrict channels

Limit messaging or voice channels to specific languages and or regions
Prototype, test, and collaborate

Prototype, test, and collaborate.

We’ve made the process of testing out ideas painless and collaborate with translators a breeze

Keep it flexible

Stay flexible, and iterate the design on a primary language. Sync your changes to any additional language

Work together

Add translators to the team and allow them to translate and approve changes

Full control

Updating content for one language wont break any other languages
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