Integrate with Coosto and bring together the optimum blend of live and virtual agents in the contact center

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Plan and Publish

Start conversations from social media. Plan, publish and engage.


Have conversations and engage on multiple channels.

Listen and Analyze

Find opportunities to automate, improve timing and optimize content.

Why use with Coosto.

Beheer Messaging, Chat en Social met één oplossing voor digitale klantenservice, terwijl je vragen automatiseert en zelfbediening biedt

Manage Social Media.

Schedule, publish and monitor content for all you social media accounts and automate incoming replies.

Engage with your Audience.

Receive incoming messages from WhatsApp, Messenger and more. Combine automation by AI with human agents.

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About Coosto

Social Media Data

Coosto provides you with social media data. See that as a first step to create great content marketing and engagement. Combine Coosto with and improve your customer satisfaction.

About the Coosto Team

With Coosto you can dive into the world of social media. Bring social media closer to your organizations to engage with your customers and gain online data insights.