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Message Media.

Connect Flow.ai with Message Media, provide customer service and intelligently automate messaging using chatbots.

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Reach billions of people

Koppel met SMS

Connect SMS by Message Media and reach your customers on every mobile device.
Automate Customer Service

Intelligent communications

Use AI for intelligent automation and combine with human agents.
Official Message Media Integration

Integreer en doe meer

Extract customer input and integrate with other systems.

Why use Message Media with Flow.ai?.

Deploy state of the art chatbots for customer service on Message Media

Automatiseer SMS.

Create immersive experiences without the need of an app. Use SMS by Message Media and intelligently automate customer interactions on every smartphone.


Extract & integreer.

Extract valuable user input. Use data to integrate with your own CRM, customer service tool or any other service.


Message Media Integration

Combineer AI & Agents.

Automate whatever can be automated and hand-off to human agents for that human touch.


How to create a Message Media SMS chatbot.

Connecting your bot solution to Message Media is done in 3 simple steps:
Upgrade to a Flow.ai Pro Plan
Register at Message Media and make sure you can receive and send SMS messages
Enter your Message Media details within the Flow.ai Message Media integration section

Toegang aanvragen

About Message Media

Message Media Chatbot

In 2000, Grant Rule saw businesses could get better results if they would utilise tekst messaging. He founded Message Media and developed a prototype for it which consisted of an SMS gateway and front-end software. As of today Message Media has grown to become the market leader in New Zealand and Australia. Message Media is a great way of connecting your chatbot to SMS and make use of its benefits right away.

Automate Message Media Messages

Nowadays Message Media has spreaded all over the world through organic growth and acquisition. Its head office is in Melbourne, but Message Media also got offices in London, San Francisco and Auckland. They also have a development hub in Ho Chi Minh. While being preferred by small to medium companies, Message Media also provides solutions to large enterprises who are looking for better engagement with their user base.