Integreer met Slack om de prestaties van uw bot te analyseren en te bekijken.

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Monitor and assist processes. Use your bot to assist your team and your customers.

Engage & interact

Post messages in channels and react to members to answer questions or extract information.


Automate repetitive tasks and focus on more complex tasks that matter.

Works with everything.

Slack and your Slack chatbot can be accessed from any device. Share information, files, and more from your pc and mobile devices.


Integrate & do more.

Connect your bot to different apps and channels. Extract valuable data and integrate with other systems.


Eenvoudige installatie.

Create a and Slack account and tailor the integration to your needs.


Hoe het werkt.

Integreer Slack met in 3 stappen:
Create an account at and upgrade to a Pro Plan
Create an account at Slack and Slack API
Configure your chatbot

Start direct.

Over Slack

Building the right ecosystem

Slack allows companies to connect their conversations in one complete tool with a robust API and over 1500 different apps. It is the ideal platform for a professional environment which stimulates teamwork. Not only within the company itself, but also with partners, external developers and the whole community. Slack also helps with automating tasks and bringing context to conversations.

Over Slack

Slack believes strongly that they can improve people's working life from all over the world and lives by their mission. They are constantly working on improving the optimal platform they believe in, whilst also building their own strong, diverse team consisting of creative and curious individuals wanting to get most out of their daily work routine. All of that while also constantly supporting each other to improve.