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Integrate Flow.ai with Tracebuzz and bring together the optimum blend of live agents and chatbots in the contact center

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Tracebuzz chatbot

Respond faster and smarter

Combine Tracebuzz and Flow.ai

Increase customer satisfaction

Tracebuzz Customer Care


Why use Flow.ai with Tracebuzz.

Beheer Messaging, Chat en Social met één oplossing voor digitale klantenservice, terwijl je vragen automatiseert en zelfbediening biedt

Connect & Care.

Connect to different channels and combine AI and human agents. Provide customer care and watch customer satisfaction improve.

Tracebuzz webcare

Conversatie inzichten.

Leer van je bot en medewerkers, en onderneem de juiste actie met operationele statistieken naast uw klantervaringanalyses.

Customer support and chatbot handoff

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About Tracebuzz

Toonaangevend customer engagement platform

When you are looking for a platform to help you engage with your customers, Tracebuzz is exactly what you are looking for. With their leading customer engagement software, prior known as Lithium and Spredfast, Tracebuzz enables their clients optimizing their customer service in the best possible way.

About the Tracebuzz Team

Tracebuzz is all about combining the strenghts of both AI and human agents in order to achieve the best outcome in terms of user experience and engagement. They have a very humble team of hard working people with a lot of passion, working on a mission to offer the best help to companies who want to connect with their customers.