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By connecting Flow.ai with Twilio, you can easily provide the right customer service and intelligently automate messaging using chatbots

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Reach billions of people

Koppel met SMS

Let your chatbot connect to SMS with Twilio and engage with your customers through all mobile devices.
Automate Customer Service

Intelligent communications

Communicate partly automated in an intelligent way by using AI in combination with human agents.
Official Twilio Integration

Integreer en doe meer

Integrate various external systems and enable the extraction of customer input.

Waarom Twilio met Flow.ai?.

Provide your customers with the optimal service they deserve with help of Twilio.

Automatiseer SMS.

Door via sms met klanten te communiceren, kun je direct betrokkenheid creëren zonder dat ze een app hoeven te downloaden. Door die interacties te automatiseren, verhoog je de efficiëntie en snelheid van het hele proces en verrijk je de klantervaring.


Extract & integreer.

With Twilio you can integrate your own CRM system or other tools and services, and it also allows for the extraction of valuable user input.


Extract user input from Twilio

Combineer AI & Agents.

Add a human touch while also automating as much as possible to provide customer service with an optimal balance between AI and agent.


Hoe je een SMS chatbot maakt.

Een bot aan Twilio koppelen doe je in 3 eenvoudige stappen:
Zorg ervoor dat je een Flow.ai Pro account hebt
Maak een account bij Twilio aan en stel jezelf in staat om sms-berichten te verzenden en ontvangen
Ga naar de Twilio-integratie sectie binnen Flow.ai en voer je Twilio-gegevens in.

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Over Twilio

Twilio Chatbot

By virtualizing the infrastructure of the world, Twilio has applied the concept of democratization to various communication channels like chat, email, text, video and even voice. This all through simple but effective APIs that are understandable for any developer and help improving some of the world's most demanding applications

Automatiseer Twilio Messages

Twilio provides communication as a part of the software developer's toolkit that enables innovators from various industries to reinvent the way their companies engage with their user base.