Connect with Twitter, provide customer service and automate interactions using AI chatbots

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  2. Twitter

Engage with billions of people

Twitter has over 300 million active users. Offer them an automated conversational experience

Omnichannel service

Have a presence on your customers’ preferred messaging app. Add Twitter to you mix of service channels.

Customer support

Automatically resolve Twitter Direct Messages and answer customer questions.

Why use Twitter with

Create state of the art AI Bots for customer service and marketing on Twitter

Create Rich Experiences.

Add buttons, images and more rich content and go beyond simple text messages. Create conversational experiences and integrate with multiple channels.


Hand-off to Humans.

Provide support from agents for that human touch if needed. Integrate with live chat and customer service solutions


One-Click Install.

Design your conversational experience and easily integrate with your Twitter account!


How to create a Twitter chatbot.

Integrate your AI bot to Twitter in 3 steps:
Create a account
Design your chatbot experience
Add Twitter as integration

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About Twitter

Twitter Chatbot for Customer Service and Marketing

Use Twitter for your customer service. You can reach billions of potential customers via our Twitter DM Integration. Handle and automate customer contact via Twitter to improve the customer journey and to save time. With Twitter you can easily engage with your customers, no matter if you are active in the e-commerce, online retail, property management or any other innovative industry. Simply create your bot design, test it and use the official Twitter Business API to launch.

Automate Twitter Messages

You can now automate Twitter Messages for business for nurturing, engaging, interacting, buiding a bond and building trust with your prospects and existing customers. Create an audience or segment and set up a Twitter campaign to broadcast automated messages. Since Twitter doesn’t sell ad space this approach is a great alternative to generate leads and improve your marketing for online retail, ecommerce and more.