Pricing FAQ

What are reachable users?

Reachable users is the number of unique users your live applications can reach. If you added the Facebook Messenger channel to your bot and 5,000 users chat with your bot on Facebook Messenger, the amount of reachable users is 5,000. Note that Reachable users are summed over channels.

When you would add Amazon Alexa as a channel and reach 4,000 Alexa users, the total number of reachable users for that project would be 9,000. If one person would use her Facebook Messenger account and Amazon Echo account to chat to your bot, both accounts would be counted separately as users.

How are reachable users calculated when I have more than one live project?

Reachable users are summed over projects. If you have two projects: project A and B, and project A has 9,000 reachable users and project B 6,000 reachable users, your total amount is 15,000 reachable users.

When is a project considered a live project?

Whenever you connect your project to one or more channels, it's considered live. A bot that is connected to Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger is considered one live project. If you have a development version of your bot that you only test trough try-out and has no channels connected, that project is not counted as a live project.

What is Analytics?

Analytics help you understand the way your bot is being used and how well it performs. It shows number of users that interact with it for each channel, and also engagement, handovers and sentiment.

Will branding mess up my bot?

Certainly not! For the free version we may on some channels add a non intrusive 'made with' header or footer or something similar. We make sure is does not harm the conversational experience.

Which support options do you have?

We have community support on our slack channel and boards. Your questions may be answered by us or other users. We try to answer as quickly as we can. If you would like dedicated support, we can offer a private slack channel, phone or video chat support and guided onboarding. For these options you can contact us