Pricing FAQ

What is a live project?

A project is a chatbot, voice app, or other solution. Only live projects can interact with your customers or end users.

We offer a 14 day free trial to test your app.

What can I do with a free account?

Free accounts support offline projects. You can design, train and build a chatbot as long as you like, but you simply cannot deploy it live.

What is a session?

Successful interaction between your app and a client is considered as a session, regardless the number of messages.

You won't be charged for ineffective chats with default interactions We start counting new sessions when there is no interaction between your bot and a client for 15 minutes

How are sessions calculated when I have multiple projects?

Sessions are summed over projects.

If you have two projects: project A and B, and project A has 9,000 sessions a month and project B 6,000 sessions, your total amount is 15,000 sessions.

Upgrading to paid service

You can upgrade your free plan to a paid subscription anytime you want.

All paid plans come with a 14 day free period.

What happens after my trial ends?

After your trial expires, your account will automatically be charged based on the plan you selected.

Anytime during the trial you can cancel the subscription. All your data and configuration remains intact. Any live project will automatically be taken offline.

Extending your trial

Our 14-day free trial gives you time to evaluate if your solution works when deployed.

However, we understand that sometimes two weeks isn't enough. Reach out to us if you'd like to extend your trial period

Which support options do you have?

We offer different types of support.

SLA level support is also available within our Enterprise and Custom pricing plans. The costs are a minimum of €1,000 or 20% of total monthly usage with a minimum of 3 month commitment.

What are your support response times?

It depends on the type of support.

Community Premium Support SLA
Best effort24 hours first response 14 hours first response1
Slack, ForumE-mail, SlackE-mail, phone, Slack2

1 Support business hours are 9AM to 7PM CEST.
2 Private Slack available

Can you send me an invoice?

Due to the large volume of inquiries we receive, we cannot process contracts, forms or purchase orders at this time for our Startup and Business plans.

We do send invoices to our Business plans

Do you have a discount for non-profits?

No we do not. But if you are an educational institution, please feel free to reach out to us