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Integrate Flow.ai with Shopctrl and bring together the optimum blend of live and virtual agents for retail.

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Use Shopctrl for handover

Customer Support

A single, fully-integrated system with one user interface for all channels and outlets.
Combine Shopctrl and Flow.ai


Your entire retail business in a single screen. Make more informed decisions.
Perform Customer Care


Reduce manual steps and improve efficiency by combining AI and human agents.

Why use Flow.ai with Shopctrl.

Manage retail e-commerce and Digital Customer Service while automating questions and providing great service


Connect Flow.ai and Shopctrl to the channels that your customers prefer with an all-in-one solution.


Team up.

Integrate with over 30 channels, shopping platforms and ERP systems including products from Microsoft, Shopify, Magento and Amazon.

Integrate & Team Up

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About Shopctrl

E-commerce and retail platform

ShopCtrl provides high quality, cost-effective, mission-critical backoffice management for webshops.

About the Shopctrl Team

Shopctrl bases their offering on an understanding of clients business requirements and providing dependable cutting edge solutions.