Optimize Customer Service.

Use sophisticated AI to deflect customer inquiries from live chat

Save support costs

Create a bot that solves problems instantly and reduces human support

Increase productivity

Free up your team to focus on more complex inquiries that drive sales and loyalty

Instant Resolutions, 24/7

Bots lead to faster response times and first call resolution even when your team is busy or offline

Redefine Customer Experience.

Reduce customer effort.

Completely automate interactions reducing time and effort for your customers

Seamless bot-to-human handoffs.

Transition conversations from bots to your team without disruption using our different integrations, Chat app or open API

Create immersive experiences.

Stay in control of your customer experience with intelligent automation that’s easy to customize to match your brand.

Fuel your Marketing engine.

Fill your funnel

Assist onboarding new customers, capturing and nurturing more leads, answering frequently asked questions and converting leads.

Tap into new channels

Create conversational commerce with human hand-off and achieve of the charts conversion rates

Measure and improve

Apply tags, track performance and analyse what works best. Instantly tweak flows and gain insights

Security and privacy by Design.

GDPR compliance.

We help customers comply with privacy regulations and adjust our software according to GDPR regulations. Flow.ai works by the ISO 27001 data security standards.

Secure Infrastructure.

As a cloud-based company entrusted with valuabe data, Flow.ai sets high standards for security. All infrastructure is hosted by HIPAA, PCI or SOC 2 compliant providers located in the EU region.

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