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Integrate Flow.ai with Sparkcentral and bring together the optimum blend of live and virtual agents in the contact center

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Use Sparkcentral for handover

Improve Customer Experience

Increase customer experience and measure through CSAT and similar scores.
Combine Sparkcentral and Flow.ai

Increase Agent Productivity

Through an agent desktop built for asynchronous workflows, and optimized for maximum agent efficiency.
Perform Customer Care

Reduction in Agent Attrition

The modern UI, simple UX, and easy-to-use solution results in an improved agent experience.

Why use Flow.ai with Sparkcentral.

Manage Messaging, Chat and Social with one Digital Customer Service solution while automating questions and provide self service

Increase message throughput.

Combining the best of AI with human agents allow you to handle more messages with less agents compared to other chat solutions.

Create custom flows

Manage asynchronous workflows.

Enables your team and bot to handle customer care on chat, social, and messaging — with a truly asynchronous agent workflow.

Customer support and chatbot handoff

Want to know more?

About Sparkcentral

SaaS Digital Customer Service platform

Sparkcentral is a global SaaS Digital Customer Service platform. It provides a turnkey enterprise contact center solution integrating a wide range of asynchronous communication channels including: WhatsApp Enterprise, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS and modern live chat SDKs for In-Web and In-App messaging. Some of the companies using Sparkcentral are large enterprises like Zappos, Emirates, Air Canada, Engie, KBC, AXA, MTN, Direct Tv, Noon, citizenM hotels, Netflix and Slack to name a few. Combining Flow.ai you can create unique Virtual Agents and seamlessly collaborate with your live agents in a way that yields highest contact center productivity gains and best customer experience.

What differentiates Sparkcentral from other competitors?

Sparkcentral possess well documented operational best practices and proven ROI models in various industries. Companies using Sparkcentral and WhatsApp see costs drop while increasing NPS and CSAT. The more successful a client is, the more successful Sparkcentral becomes.