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Integrate Flow.ai with Telegram and automate customer service, marketing and sales with advanced chatbots

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Telegram chatbot Marketing & Support

Marketing & Support

Automate customer interactions to save time and generate leads
Perform Customer Care

Enriched Experience

Enrich messages and combine text with buttons and use location to find your nearest store location.
Live chat with a Voice

Tailored messages

Improve the customer journey and automate tailored messages to each individual.

Why use Telegram with Flow.ai?.

Deploy awesome bots for marketing and support on Telegram

Multi-device support.

Connect with your customer. No matter if they are using a desktop, iPhone, android or any other device.

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Automate Telegram Messages

Go beyond simple messages.

Enrich simple text messages with images, buttons, cards and more. Improve the Customer Experienour Telegram bot.

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Easy install.

Our Telegram Integration allows you to easily create Telegram bots.

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Create Telegram bot

Want to know more?

About Telegram

Telegram Bot for app, web and smartphone

Connect Telegram and flow.ai and get the most out of your telegram messenger. Working from a Windows or computer or are you using you iOs or android device, the Telegram website and Telegram messenger app is available for all devices.

Marketing and Customer service via Telegram

Telegram is known as a competitor of other messaging channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If your customers are active on Telegram tou might want to add this channel and incorporate Telegram for business to you marketing and sales channels.